P3 Algemesí

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Valencia, located in the center of the east coast of Spain, is an established location for industrial activity and easily accessible to other cities across the country. P3 Algemesí is an industrial property with a total built area of 6,722 m2, with 5,722 m2 on the ground floor and 546 m2 on the first floor. The steel structure features an insulated cold storage panel, which was the first cold storage facility in the P3 portfolio.

0 m² Dostępna powierzchnia
0 m² Możliwość rozbudowy
12 917 m² Powierzchnia całkowita


Carrer Carnissers 7
46680 Valencia

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  • Clear height: 10.5 m
  • Truck court depth: 56
  • Dock doors: 15
  • Cross-docking: NO
  • Sprinkler: YES
  • Valencia 32 mins (35.3 km)
  • Zaragoza 3 hours 37 mins (362 km)
  • Madrid 3 hours 39 mins (384 km)

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P3 Algemesí

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