P3 Liberec South

Über den Park

P3 Liberec South is located at the industrial zone Liberec - jih, adjacent to the highway D10 on the Prague-Dresden route. It is well connected with the city center by public transport. Construction of this park commenced in 2007 and it comprises single building. The single tenant of the park is company Amulet.

0 m² Verfügbare Fläche
0 m² Entwicklungsmöglichkeit
5.028 m² Gesamtfläche


Ampérova 495
46312 Liberec
  • No traffic load limitations for trucks – free movement of vehicles on site
  • Column grid structure: 24 x 12 m
  • Clear height of warehouse space 10 m
  • Floor loading capacity 5 t/m²
  • Well established industrial zone with all infrastructure
  • 3 minutes from city centre
  • Bus stop on site
  • Liberec 10 Min. (5 km)
  • Ústí nad Labem 1 Stunde 29 Min. (98 km)
  • Hradec Králové 1 Stunde 34 Min. (100 km)

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P3 Liberec South

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Gebäude Verfügbare Hallenfläche Verfügbare Bürofläche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten Gesamtfläche
H0 0 0 0 5.028

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