P3 Fagnano

About the park

The property is located in the Varese province, in the industrial area, on the southern part of the municipality of Fagnano Olona. The area is situated at about 35 km North- West of Milan and it is well served by a road network. It can be reached via the new A36 motorway, only 1 km away. The property consists of a single industrial building withan adjoining office block, and by the external portion around the building’s perimetre used as a manoeuvring and parking area, as well as green areas. The building hosts an office block on the southwest corner and it is internally partitioned into three main sections, each with a single lavatory block. Inside, with the exception of the northern part, a mezzanine level of about 10m wide is installed along the whole building, accessible via internal metal staircases and external safety stairs, while the rest of the building only consists of the ground floor (with the exception of the office block, which is developed three floors above ground).

The net height of the sheds is about 11 metres from the floor to the prefabricated beams.

It was built in 2006.

0 m² Available space
0 m² Development Opportunity
29,151 m² Total space


Via Ferdinando Magellano 24
21054 Fagnano

Commercial contact

  • Clear height: 11 m
  • Loading docks: 36
  • 2 grade-level entrance doors for vehicles
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m²
  • Sprinkler NFPA / UNI
  • Car parking: 102
  • Trailer parking: 10
  • Truck court depth: 40m
  • Milan 40 mins (38.4 km)
  • Turin 1 hour 33 mins (143 km)
  • Genoa 2 hours 5 mins (178 km)

Park site plan

P3 Fagnano

Park buildings details

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Available space
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Table - Buildings according to space (m²)

Building Available warehouse space Available office space Development Opportunity Total space
Fagnano 0 0 0 29,151

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