P3 Calvenzano

About the park

P3 Calvenzano is located in the Bergamo province, in the municipality of Calvenzano, next to an expressway, within easy reach via the new A 35 highway, about 20 km from Bergamo and 50 km from Milan. The industrial shed consists of 8 sections, 6 of which have a height to the underside of the beam of 9 m and 2 sections and a small portion of a third one divided into two floors. The shed is made of a prefabricated structure. The walls are made of concrete prefabricated panels with ribbon windows on the portion above. The loading bays located at the main entrance are partially protected by a roofing structure. The external paving is made of self-blocking tiles.

It was built in 2000.

0 m² Available space
0 m² Development Opportunity
30,722 m² Total space


Via Milano 2
24040 Calvenzano

Commercial contact

  • Clear height: 10 m
  • 22 loading docks
  • 5 grade-level entrance doors for vehicles
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m²
  • Sprinkler uni standard
  • Truck court depth 30 m
  • Milan 47 mins (34.6 km)
  • Turin 2 hours 1 min (183 km)
  • Genoa 2 hours 14 mins (191 km)

Park site plan

P3 Calvenzano

Park buildings details

Special offer
Available space
Development opportunities
Taken space

Table - Buildings according to space (m²)

Building Available warehouse space Available office space Development Opportunity Total space
Calvenzano 0 0 0 30,722

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