P3 Bedburg

About the park

P3 Bedburg is located in the centre of the Cologne-Düsseldorf-Aachen triangle and is exceptionally well connected from all directions. The motorways A61 (2 km) and A4 (15 km) connect Bedburg with the city of Cologne, located around 40 km to the southeast. The motorways A46 and A61 link to Düsseldorf, located around 38 km to the north of Bedburg.

The property encompass seven autonomous sections, which were redeveloped in three phases. P3's Brownfield project was completed in 2018.

The property is fully equipped with a clear height of 12.2 m and LED lighting. Each unit features a level access door and “Jumbo” dock leveller. 

0 m² Available space
0 m² Development Opportunity
66,000 m² Total space


Werner-von-Siemens Str. 5-7
50181 Bedburg

Commercial contact

  • Total space: 66,000 m2
  • Loading docks: 51, including 7 jumbo levellers
  • Level access doors: 7
  • Sprinkler: ESFR / FM-Global
  • Floor loading capacity: 6 t/m²
  • Truck parking spaces: 28
  • Car parking spaces: 201
  • Düsseldorf 37 mins (35.2 km)
  • Köln 41 mins (44.7 km)
  • Essen 55 mins (74.9 km)

Park site plan

P3 Bedburg

Park buildings details

Special offer
Available space
Development opportunities
Taken space

Table - Buildings according to space (m²)

Building Available warehouse space Available office space Development Opportunity Total space
Bedburg 0 0 0 66,000

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