P3 Montpellier

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P3 Montpellier consists of a 31,388m² m² warehouse in Saint Aunès, near Montpellier. Situated in the heart of the logistic region Occitania, the park is ideally located near the A9, N113 and D112 motorway junctions, with easy connections to Spain, Switzerland and the whole of France.

This Class-A building has a photovoltaic roof and can easily accommodate logistics, retail and light manufacturing industries.

0 m² Verfügbare Fläche
0 m² Entwicklungsmöglichkeit
31.388 m² Gesamtfläche


200 avenue des Tamaris
34130 St-Aunes


  • Warehouse: 29 048 m²
  • Offices: 2 340 m²
  • Clear Height: 10 m
  • Dock Doors: 30
  • Level Loading: 5 drive-in doors
  • Floor Load capacity: 5t/m2
  • Site area: 6.41 Hectares
  • Cross-docking: Yes
  • Car Parking: 243
  • Montpellier 25 mins (17.4 km)
  • Marseille 1 hour 37 mins (156 km)
  • Toulouse 2 hours 28 mins (250 km)

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Montpellier 31.388

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