What is new in Horní Počernice? Pilulka.cz, the biggest Czech online pharmacy, is moving to Warehouse IX. Thanks to the facility's ample floor space of 3,500 m², Pilulka.cz will offer its customers even more stock items and even faster delivery of orders. Compared to the facility in nearby Vinoř, which the pharmacy has been using until now, the new warehouse is about four times larger. 

Benefits of the new premises

As part of the relocation, Pilulka.cz will modernise its operations. The new warehouse will speed up order processing significantly, thanks to a semi-automated logistics system. The time from receiving an order, completing verification, packing, and shipping the goods will last no more than five minutes. "The move is an important shift in our business. It will be of key importance especially for Pilulka Auto, a service that delivers medications and pharmacy goods to customers in Prague and its vicinity in as little as 60 minutes after placing an order," explains Radek Jech, the Manager of the Pilulka.cz Horní Počernice branch.

p3 prague horní počernice

Presently, customers can choose from more than 30,000 products on the Pilulka.cz website. In the past, Pilulka held a stock of approximately 8,000 items, but its new facility in P3's park will allow storing as many as 20,000 products. The warehouse contains thousands of metres of shelves as well as other clever features, such as gravity-driven conveyors and temperature-shielded entry gates.

Built-to-suit storage space, including colours

The fact that the warehouse has been fine-tuned to the last detail and is ready for business is underscored by such features as an unconventional colour design of cables and conveyors. The main theme is rendered in pink, a colour featured in the Pilulka logo. 


Pilulka.cz will not be the only tenant occupying Warehouse IX. At the other end, the Swiss company Sécheron Tchequie manufactures traction substations, and a part of the warehouse is leased by the producer of chemical substances for the construction industry’s Den Braven.

Pharmaceuticals are stored under special conditions

To conform to legal requirements, the premises of Pilulka.cz in Horní Počernice underwent an inspection by the State Institute for Drug Control and the Prague Regional Authority in October. Thanks to that, the warehouse has a logistical system certified for the online dispensation of pharmaceuticals. 


All operations are controlled by an information system custom-made for the needs of online distribution of medications. "All tasks are controlled by a sophisticated IT system and a logistical solution that I'm truly proud of," says CEO of the Pilulka.cz, Michal Hanáček