As global economic dynamics change, emerging markets and changes in trading patterns are having a direct impact on the major trade hubs in Europe.

Although the logistics sector is not immune to the economic pressures caused by recent global events, it is well-equipped to weather the storm. The structural dynamics that have made logistics a standout performer in recent years will be accelerated, driven in part by shifting consumer behavior towards eCommerce. Other widely predicted structural change is the repatriation of industrial capacities and a move from 'just in time' to 'just in case' stock inventories.

P3 helps retailers, manufacturers and distribution providers - like you – access key commercial locations via our integrated pan-European platform of high-quality logistics warehouses. With more than 6 million m2 AUM and a further 2 m2 of pre-zoned landbank, we are ready to work on your next e-Commerce solution.

Location, technical building specifications and a focus on usage and product flows dictate how P3 approaches the design and management of our buildings. With the backing of our owner, GIC, P3 is able to respond to the largest, technically challenging projects, while our professionals on the ground across Europe deliver on the details.

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P3 facilities typically incorporate secondary or even tertiary access points, to ensure that goods keep flowing as and when needed.


The external walls of the warehouse and office areas are to be mineral wool or PIR insulated sandwich panel to meet the local authority’s Fire and Thermal requirements. U-values will meet or exceed the values required by local code. Colours will be in accordance with P3 branding guidelines. Full panel design with flashings to match.


P3 roofs include a mechanically fastened PVC Roof Membrane System, minimum 1.5 mm thick or min. 1.2 mm TPO, with an optimum slope of 1.5 degrees after deflection. Roof insulation meets the maximum U-Value required by local code and will incorporate certified mineral wool thermal insulation.


Sufficient car and truck parking areas and roads around the site perimeter will be finished with flexible bituminous paving or concrete block paving and will incorporate the appropriate lining.


The service yard and/or staging will be designed in accordance with local transport requirements, with dimensions indicated in the final layout.


All P3 buildings are constructed to be certified as BREEAM Very Good or better. As per customer demand, we can incorporate additional sustainable features and technologies on top of our standard specifications.


All landscaping will be designed to enhance the visual impact of the development. A 1.8 m high fence will secure the operational sections of the development’s service yards.

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