He has been working in real estate for 22 years, of which 13 have been with P3 Slovakia. We asked what got him interested in this line of business. Jozef said that it was the flexibility it offered and its broad range, which requires you to master legal, financial, and technical questions. “I think that real estate is one of the most variable areas, which really demands lifelong learning. I am always looking for solutions to new problems and even when goals seem to be out of reach, expressions like ‘It can’t be done,’ mean nothing to me,” he says.  At P3 Slovakia, he currently heads the Asset & Property Management department.

You’ve been with P3 for 13 years. How has the firm developed in that time?

Looking back, it is unbelievable how our P3 in Slovakia has grown. It is a great feeling to look back at a job well done and it shows we made the right strategic choices. Nowadays, P3 in Slovakia is one of the largest real estate developers for logistics, with a total of six parks and dozens of satisfied clients who are growing together with us. Development is one of P3’s strongest areas.

Does empathy have a place in the cold-blooded real estate business?

It’s vital. A good manager has to make good deals, while also having a feeling for the mood of their business partner, their needs, the best strategic approach and, finally, how to communicate that to colleagues and third parties. A manager acquires this know-how gradually through practical experience. Real estate is an environment where even a moment’s hesitation can result in the loss of a partner’s confidence and stagnation of the business.

What do you see as being P3’s competitive advantage?

It is clearly our positive approach to innovation and, though I might be repeating myself here, cultivating fair and good relations with clients, with an emphasis on a correct approach. We offer our clients value for money, for which the key is to streamline work and our internal and external processes.

Will you let us into your private life? What are you like in your free time?

First and foremost, a father and a husband who tries to follow the modern philosophy of work-life balance. I try to be as efficient as possible in my working time so that I still have energy to enjoy my leisure time. I like travelling, discovering new places and doing sport.