P3, a long-term investor and developer of European warehouse properties has signed new extension contracts with its current tenants. Katcon and Edu-Książka have decided to continue with the P3 Błonie park for longer.

Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director at P3 Logistic Parks in Poland: “The Błonie park is one of the first projects in our portfolio. It continues to be very popular with both new customers and our regular tenants who appreciate its excellent location as well as our flexible approach of accommodating to their needs as they may be changing over time."

Katcon Polska is an international provider of innovative solutions for the automotive industry and for the heavy equipment sector. It has decided to extend its contract and at the same time to enlarge the space which it leases by another 3,990 m2, thus leasing a total of 13,370 m2.

Gustavo A. Canales, General Manager Katcon Polska: "We highly appreciate the openness of P3 and its willingness to adapt to our needs. We have been operating from the Błonie park since 2013. In this time, we have managed to build a strong position for ourselves in international markets. The factory in Poland is one of the most important locations for the entire group. It is from here that we supply catalytic converters to the European and North American markets."

The second tenant which has decided to extend its lease at P3 Błonie park is Edu-Książka, that one of the leading distributors of textbooks for general education, vocational education, and language teaching. The company occupies the space of 6,300 m2, of which 6,122 m2 is used as storage while the remainder is used as offices.

Adam Olesiewicz, Managing Director, Vice President of the Board Edu-Książka: ”We have taken the decision to continue with the P3 Błonie park because it has got such a splendid location which enables us to efficiently distribute our products across the whole country. Furthermore, we do appreciate the cooperation with the stable and reliable business partner, which P3 surely is.”

Anna Brym, Leasing Manager at P3 Logistic Parks in Poland: ”I am glad to see that the trust in us which our tenants have developed over the years results in the further continuation of our mutual cooperation. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers, and the fact that we see more and more long-term contracts extended confirms that we are successful in achieving this."

The P3 Błonie Park is located just 27 km west of Warsaw, at the intersection of the 92 national road and the A2 motorway, which makes part of the E30 European transit route. The park consists of 14 buildings which, apart from typical warehouse spaces, contain also other types of facilities such as cold stores, freezers, and a data centre.