P3 Logistic Parks, long-term owner and developer of European logistics real estate with German headquarters in Frankfurt, supports with a donation three initiatives and associations in the Frankfurt area that are committed to the common good.

With the goal of recognizing and promoting social commitment, P3 donates a total of 19,500 € to local initiatives and associations in Friedrichsdorf and Bad Vilbel, near Frankfurt. Donations are made to the InSL e.V., the fambinis family center Friedrichsdorf and the SSV Heilsberg. P3 handed over the symbolic donation checks to the organizations at the end of October.

Sönke Kewitz, Managing Director of P3 Logistic Parks Germany: "In today's world, companies have to take responsibility and show commitment. We always pursue the goal of becoming an integral part of the local community. Therefore, we support associations and initiatives at our locations with donations or sponsoring activities. We are delighted to support these three organizations, which make an important contribution to the common good, in these difficult times".

Horst Burghardt, Mayor of the City of Friedrichsdorf: "I would like to express my sincere thanks for this valuable support of central initiatives in our city. With their commitment, the InSL and fambinis are doing important work for the people of Friedrichsdorf. The donations should help them to overcome the current challenges posed by the pandemic".

About the organizations:

InSL e.V.

The association in Friedrichsdorf is committed to the language education and language promotion of multilingual children. InSL is also active in the Corona crisis with reading books, explanatory videos or online lessons as well as telephone advice and support for parents. Especially in times of "homeschooling" the support of students is more important than ever.


fambinis Familienzentrum Friedrichsdorf e.V.

fambinis is a volunteer association founded in 1997. Its main goal is to support families and give children a good start in life. To this end, fambinis offers contact and exchange opportunities as well as a high-quality program of events for children, adults and families. Currently the family center is planning to move to a more central location in order to reach more people.


SSV Heilsberg e.V.

Today, sport is the focus of daily life for many children, young people, adults, and seniors. Since its foundation in 1952, the club in Bad Vilbel has been committed to providing its members with the opportunity and guidance for regular gymnastics, sports and games as a means of physical exercise.