Advanex specializes in the production of precision components for a range of markets including automotive, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical. "Facilities for light manufacture have specific features, such as floors with increased load-bearing capacity, a larger number of skylights, and better air circulation," said P3's Managing Director for the Czech Republic, Tomáš Míček. P3 has ample experience with facilities of this type. For instance, a warehouse was opened in the same section of the park last year, where the Swiss company Sécheron Tchequie manufactures traction substations.

On an area sized 7,300 m2, Advanex will set up a light manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies and assembly lines. The facility will include two floors of office space. In 2019, Advanex will begin recruiting employees for administrative positions and for specialized machine operation and maintenance jobs. "The new facility in the Czech Republic is a part of our global strategy for expansion within continental Europe," confirmed Ian Beardsmore, Managing Director of Advanex Czech Republic. Advanex plans to invest five million euros in the Czech Republic during the next five years. The company has plants in 23 countries worldwide, including China, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

P3 Prague Horní Počernice is one of the largest industrial/logistic parks in Central Europe. A large number of the facility's customers are from the retail, e-commerce, and logistics segments. Others, such as Advanex and Sécheron Tchequie, use the park for light manufacturing. Another facility with a size of 12,000 m2 will be built on a speculative basis near the Advanex warehouse during 2019. The unit provides one of the last opportunities to obtain a space customized already during construction, located in a modern industrial park within the city or Prague in the direct proximity of motorway D10.