P3, a long-term investor and developer of European warehouse facilities, has started the construction of the second part of the warehouse number 17 in the P3 Błonie park, with an area of over 21,383 m2. It will be occupied by Homla, that is a brand offering home furnishing products both in stationary shops and online. At the same time, the developer is finalising the construction of the first phase of the same building, with an area of 17,600 m2, to be soon occupied by one of the largest online shops which offers bathroom furnishings in Poland, namely 123 Łazienka.

Zbigniew Smyczyński, Senior Leasing Manager at P3 Logistic Parks in Poland: “The excellent location of the P3 Błonie park near Warsaw, as well as in the close vicinity of roads which enable quick access to other parts of Poland, makes it a popular choice not only for logistics operators but also for companies from other sectors. This here is yet another agreement with representatives of the broadly defined interior design segment which we have concluded this year. Statistics show that in 2019, revenues in the home decor segment in Poland amounted to around USD 535 million, and the market value is expected to almost double by 2024. These increases are many times higher than elsewhere in Europe, proving that it is a very dynamically developing market segment, which is further supported by the development of e-commerce.”

The new facility for Homla will serve as their central warehouse, from which both deliveries to stationary shops located in shopping centres as well as servicing on-line orders placed by individual customers will be handled. In the dedicated facility, the company will consolidate its activities carried out so far in an area more than twice as small, in two other warehouses located in the park near Warsaw.

Michał Giebel, Director of Logistics at Homla: ”Due to the dynamic growth of our business, we decided to significantly increase the space which we occupy and move all our operations to one warehouse, which has been designed and built especially for us. We are glad that P3 has offered us solutions tailored to our current needs, while taking into account our potential growth in the near future, which gives us the possibility of further expansion.”

The building will have an above-standard height of 12 m, a reinforced floor with a load capacity of 7.5 t, and the highest class of fire resistance which will allow the installation of a multi-level mezzanine in the future. The building will be built following the requirements of BREEAM certification at the very good level. To contruct it, PIR core panels will be used to ensure a more effective insulation against external factors. Also, energy‑efficient LED lighting will be installed in the warehouse along with an automatic control system. The building will also be equipped with grey water recovery facilities.

The general contractor of the facility, whose completion is scheduled for Q1 2022, is Kajima Poland.

P3 Błonie Park is located just 27 km west of Warsaw, at the junction of the national road 92 and the A2 motorway (which is part of the E30 European transit route). The park consists of 14 buildings which, apart from typical warehouse spaces, also include cold stores, freezers, and a data centre.