Already before graduating from the Czech Technical University, which included a year-long stay at the Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Tomáš worked at OHL and Metrostav, two large construction companies, where he was gaining experience in the construction business. He joined P3 in 2008 as a Junior Project Manager. As P3 continued to grow, so have his experience and competences. Tomáš's main asset is his ability to look to the future and predict how the segment, clients' needs, and key warehouse specifications will develop so as to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes.

What do you like about real estate?

For me, real estate embodies diversity and variety. Thanks to the reach of our projects, I'm able to meet an unbelievably varied spectrum of people. I also like the fact that our projects produce a concrete product. Even though it might seem that industrial buildings are unattractive, a closer look shows that the ways in which they can be used are virtually unlimited and, more importantly, that they continue to evolve even further. For a long time now, industrial buildings have been much more than just warehouses!

Why is your position so important for P3's business?

In essence, the Construction Department materialises whatever the sales team negotiates with the client and what we subsequently hand over to Asset/Property Management specialists. Naturally, we are involved in discussions about the client's needs as regards the quality standard, the timetable, and the cost of special requirements. Likewise, it's important for us to receive feedback from the Asset/Property Management Department, which helps us improve technical solutions and the efficiency of warehouse operations.

How will you help the company grow to the next level?

Development is an everlasting series of changes. In view of how P3 has and continues to grow dynamically, it is essential to implement solid processes so that we have a strong foundation that supports our rapid development. The challenge I see consists of bringing together two factors – retaining effectiveness and having clearly defined internal processes that are strictly adhered to. With that, all we need is to be ready for the next change :-)

What do you like to do after work?

I like skiing, the mountains, traveling, and discovering new places. Because my kids are now older, we can do a lot of things together. I try to go for a jog at least three times a week to stay in shape. I like to dine out, see a theatre play, or go to a concert – nowadays, I'm realising how much I enjoy these things even more.