She brings to the table a continuous drive for growth, innovation, extensive commercial skills, demonstrated experience in the real estate market and a huge amount of passion for the real estate business. She joined P3 Romania as Development Manager in the summer of 2017 and became the company’s Country Head only three months later. She is fascinated with industrial-logistics real estate as she believes that warehouses are an essential infrastructure without which modern society’s way of life would not be possible: every product that we buy and consume has gone through at least one warehousing facility in its journey to the final consumer. Let’s meet Sinziana Pardhan, the woman overseeing P3’s strategic direction in Romania.

Sinziana, you are a highly skilled professional. Nevertheless, the industrial-logistics market is very competitive. What is your success recipe and what do you believe to be your strengths?

It is my strong belief that the key to development is perseverance and creativity. Success is not something we can take for granted, but if we are perseverant and work hard enough, we can create favourable circumstances that will allow it to happen. I am a keen promoter of dialogue and I see my team as the single most important element to our success. We are always striving to improve, to change our mindset and grow as professionals, as humans. And yes, the market is extremely competitive and in our line of work being adaptable and open to new ideas is vital. Much more, we need to always have the courage to take risks and challenge commonly-held views once in a while; that is why I bet on the human resource – because together with my team we find the best solutions for our tenants. Moreover, we are continuously in search of new and effective ways of meeting our clients’ needs, both through the product that we are offering but especially through the services we deliver, which we believe make the real difference.


What do you think was your biggest career challenge and how have you overcome it?

If I would have had to answer this question three years ago, I would have answered it completely different. Today, I am 100% sure that my biggest career challenge, so far, was managing P3’s operations in Romania. Great achievement in business comes from the alignment of three crucial elements: the company’s direction, strategy and goals, the type of opportunities the market presents and the ability for great execution. The alignment of these three elements is the continuous challenge and focus of my job since the market environment is continuously changing and requires constant change and adaptation also inside the organization. The key is to draw on the benefits of the collective brain power and skills within the organization at both corporate level but especially from within the local team in order to spot, anticipate and adapt so that we can maintain or regain that alignment.


You studied Banking and Finances, that makes you an economist, right? What made you love Real Estate more than Economics?

The industry’s effervescence and the added value that real estate developments can bring to communities from shelter to places to work. Real estate projects are long term investments with lasting impact on both the environment and the communities. This comes with a great responsibility to make the right choices in order for this lasting impact to be a positive one – and with great responsibility comes also great satisfaction from our work.  No project is too big, no detail to small – this is P3’s vision and also my personal philosophy.

What personal characteristics help you be such a good leader?

My ability to always see beyond appearances, to keep the team focused and to relentlessly move things forward no matter the adversities. I see myself as having an inclusive management style. I am a strong believer in people’s ability to grow and the innate desire to rise up to any challenge in the right environment.

What do you do when you’re not busy leading the company’s operations?

Enjoying the little things. In time, I have learned that the world doesn’t stop turning if I’m not around, but children do grow fast. So, I take advantage of my free time and share it with my family, I read, I dream and I travel. I like to think of myself as a professional traveller. The world, in its complexity, fascinates me. I love meeting new people, new cultures. Be it pleasure trips or work-related trip, travelling fills me up with positive energy.