Monica studied Technical Architecture at the Technical University of Madrid and completed an Erasmus program in Copenhagen in 2009, obtaining the title of "Architect Builder" at KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi. In the following years, she combined various studies with her professional career, developing it both nationally and internationally.

After her work experience in Chile, she returns to Spain, where she enjoys his job, family, friends and all the possibilities that a cosmopolitan city like Madrid offers. Let's meet Monica Aller, architecture and construction enthusiast and member of the Asset Management department since 2019.

Monica, what do you like about Real Estate?

What attracts me most to Real Estate is its world of possibilities. You can focus on one of its branches, if you have a more specialized job, or you can interrelate the different facets of Real Estate in your daily work, as it happens with asset management.

Real Estate is a dynamic sector, in continuous change and development, and has a direct influence on people's lives, which makes it a very attractive sector.

Why is the role of the Asset Manager so important for the sector?

The role of the Asset Management department is fundamental. Ensuring a good relationship with our clients, one that is trustworthy and projected over the long term, makes tenants feel safe in our facilities, adding value to our assets and making a difference.

Ensuring the quality and good condition of the properties is another of the main functions we take care of and which we follow closely with our Property Managers.

In order to achieve our goals, we have to work hard on a daily basis, cooperating internally with the rest of P3's departments and externally with our collaborators.

In short, the work of the Asset Manager will directly impact the good results and objectives of our clients.

"The role of the Asset Manager is essential to maintain the smooth running of our clients' logistics areas.

How did you start at P3 and how have you grown?

I started working at P3 in 2019, joining the Asset Management department.

Joining P3 has meant a major change in the direction of my career, which has so far been more focused on construction management. P3 has given me the opportunity to join a very consolidated team, with a very clear vision of the goals to be achieved.

Adapting to a new way of working, from a property perspective, is an interesting and motivating challenge. My growth has been remarkable in these months and I am sure it will continue.

What are you most proud of working for a company like P3?

P3 is a solid company, with clear objectives in terms of quality, customer care and long-term development. We are fortunate to be able to be part of it and to work towards its goals.

In addition, the P3 team is made up of great professionals who add a lot of value to the work they do.

Constant change and adaptation is a standard in Real Estate. Do you think this is a good thing?

I am a person who adapts quite well to changes and I face new challenges with enthusiasm and illusion. I have no problem adapting to them, but on the contrary, I consider changes as something very positive, a way of growing and continuing to learn, which in the future gives you the freedom to choose and that for me, is fundamental.

How do you think you can help P3 reach the next level?

P3 is experiencing a remarkable growth recently, which makes the processes evolve, new systems are implemented, the team grows and we have to make an effort to coordinate all these changes. My joining to the Asset Management department strengthens the team and as such, the professional growth of my colleagues and myself.

My goal is to actively participate in this change and in the growth of the company by contributing all my professional experience so that P3 Logistic Parks continues to be successful