He started out marketing sheds all the way back in 2006; his work has made it to finals of the European EFFIEs twice; he even crafted a campaign to sell Prague Castle, which went viral. Brendan sees his job as ‘helping companies solve business challenges creatively’. Sometimes, he muses, creativity sings; but sometimes it just whispers, happy discovering a small way to do something better. Let’s meet Brendan Donnellan, an EU-citizen with an Irish passport, who joined P3 in 2017 as Group Marketing & Communications Director.

Brendan, where do you see the biggest influence of marketing?

You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, nobody will buy it. The logistics market is highly competitive. There aren’t a huge number of companies out there looking for giant, A-class warehouses. We’re competing every step of the way with competitors, like us, who have a very similar product offering and approach. What’s going to make you stand out? Your brand. That means how people think about you because of how you behave, what you say and what you do.

„As a marketer, it’s my job to open people’s eyes to a world of opportunities.“

What do you love the most about real estate?

It’s easy to sell an iPhone, or the latest Tesla model. But I challenge you to sell a product which, if you break it down, is just a big flat box. I often tell my team that we are not just developing buildings, rather the infrastructure for modern living. So, you ordered that gadget online? It came from a warehouse. Ordering shopping to your home? Warehouse. Nice car you’re driving there! Assembled from parts stored in a warehouse. The fact is that without warehouses, we wouldn’t  be able to maintain the standard of life we are used to.

The second thing I love about real estate is the smell. Seriously. Stepping into a recently completed 10,000 m2 warehouse is almost like a religious experience. The smell of cold, hard concrete. The stillness of the air. The mind trying to make sense of this new, massive reality. Ok, enough! And the third thing I love are the people. Shed heads are a curious breed. Take a trip to MIPIM or Expo Real and you can feel palpable interest in logistics warehousing.

What personal characteristics helps you the most with your job?

My permanent sense of optimism and dogged persistence. Choosing the easy road so often leads to difficulty; I insist on doing what is right, regardless of the challenge it presents.

„Stepping into a recently completed 10,000 m2 warehouse is almost like a religious experience.“

How does your usual day look like?

I generally kick off the day with a 90-minute workout at 06:30 (the only time I can squeeze a workout in with three kids under 4-years old). I always start my day with the Most Important Task. This is typically a thought or strategy piece, otherwise I jump around a lot of things. I am normally on the phone with country Managing Directors or with my team discussing public relations campaigns, messaging and other forms of commercial material. I also enjoy my role on the Management Team; I think it’s incredibly important for the marketing function to be represented, and have a voice, at the top table.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I dress up as a Jedi Knight and raise money for charity via my work with the Rebel Legion (Lion Base). I exercise regularly, which really helps me to stay on top of the physical demands of my job. Most importantly, I spend time with me wonderful wife and three small children, who help me to see the world anew, every single day.