P3 Altedo

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-  Excellent project accessibility
- 1.4 km from Altedo A13 motorway exit
- Close proximity to Interporto (10 min drive distance)
- Availability of skilled labour pool
-  Ideal for 3PL, retailers, e-commerce, logistics, warehousing and light manufacturing



0 m² Dostępna powierzchnia
95 000 m² Możliwość rozbudowy
95 000 m² Powierzchnia całkowita


S.P. 20 izquina Via Ca Bianca
San Pietro in Casale

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Up to 95,000 m² Build-to-Suit
Potential future extension
Guardhouse for local and remote security services
Truck yard depth: 32 m

Clear height : 12m

Floor loading capacity 5 t/m²
Column grid structure: 24 x 12 m
Loading doors
Dock levellers

Green Initiatives
Use of recycled and locally sourced construction materials,
which reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of
our projects
Installing high-efficiency lighting systems with photoelectric
cells and motion sensors to significantly reduce
electricity consumption
Installing low-usage water systems that utilise recycled
rainwater (where practical) and low-volume plumbing fixtures,
resulting in lower water consumption at the facilities

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P3 Altedo

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Budynek Dostępna powierzchnia magazynowa Dostępna powierzchnia biurowa Możliwość rozbudowy Całkowita powierzchnia
1 0 0 25 000 25 000
2 0 0 70 000 70 000