Roman knows how the real estate business works at every level. He has worked his way through every stage of the chain. He started off in a building firm, involved the construction and valuation of buildings. Later he joined an architect’s studio and now he is a developer. “I see the system as a whole, which makes it easier to understand our common interests and bring projects to a successful conclusion,” he claims. He is the head of P3 Slovakia’s Construction Department.

Can you remember the biggest challenge that you faced in real estate?

Of course! That’s not the sort of thing you forget. In general, those are the times when you learn the most about the business and they give you the best professional “training”. It was back in the early days with P3, some time in 2009, when I took on overall responsibility for a project for the first time. I was just a junior project manager then but I had to manage everything in the project from acquiring the land through construction to the final approval. I probably don’t need to mention that I was learning it all on the go. That first project was incredibly good “exercise” and I still draw on those experiences to this day, even though, in all modesty and humility, I can say I’ve moved up quite a bit in P3 in those 12 years.

What is the role of relationships in this business?

Crucial. I would say that the whole business depends on good, fair and transparent relationships. The client needs to feel that we are their partner in business. And that is what we really are. It’s my fundamental belief that we can only do well if our clients are doing well. Many of them are growing along with us in Slovakia year by year, developing their business and expanding. We are ready to accommodate their development at any time. It’s clear that it’s something we are good at. The evidence is in our long-lasting business partnerships and also in the greetings we exchange at Christmas and other special occasions. Many of our clients gradually become friends.

And within the P3 team?

I will repeat myself and say again that it’s crucial. I am the sort of person who likes to be in contact with others and socialise. I like people and in general I like talking with colleagues about all kinds of things, not just the real estate business. I also like making jokes. I think that good quality or, better said, intelligent humour is an amazing way to get the tension out of the atmosphere during the stressful days when a project deadline is getting close. A good mood helps to maintain the positive attitude and team spirit in the company.

You are head of construction. What does your title mean?

To put it simply, I am a part of every project from start to finish. My technical knowledge and broad perspective can play a vital role in any of the stages of a successful project. These include land acquisition, supervising the design, meeting tenants’ requirements, making modifications and changes, choosing contractors, and the final approval proceedings, to make sure everything is ready for the client to start business in their new premises.