Ondřej's beginnings in the real estate business date back to 2014 when he joined Cushman & Wakefield as a consultant in the Industrial Property Department. Later, he worked with the popular furniture chain IKEA, where he was responsible for retail space leasing. In May 2019, Ondřej joined P3 as a Development Manager.

What do you like about real estate?

What I enjoy most about working in real estate is the varied nature of my work. Joining a development company was a big challenge because I had to learn about variety of correlated factors relating to land acquisition and subsequent construction. I managed to adapt to the new environment rather quickly, mainly thanks to the great people at P3 who gave me all the support I needed. Today, I'm able to deal with essentially all tasks on my own and be a valid member of the team.

Why is your position so important for P3's business?

The Development Manager is important mainly because this role is responsible for the development of new locations with both new and existing clients in our portfolio. I always want to do my best and close deals that will put P3 ahead of the competition. As a professional in the real estate business, where things change from one minute to another, I have to be ready for anything. That ability comes with experience, and when push comes to shove, stress and nervousness must take a back seat.

What is your usual day like?

The kids wake me up around 5:00 a.m., and the daily routine starts. In the morning, I check the social media, gulp down my breakfast, and run to the office – if that's possible, that is. That's followed by a string of meetings, visits, e-mails, and phone calls. My workday only ends when all the work has been done :-). I spend my free time with my family and engage in physical activities as much as I can because sports help me clear up my mind.