With master’s degree in finances from the University of Economics in Prague, Jan began his career as a Property Analyst at White Star Real Estate (formerly AIG Lincoln). Rising through the ranks, he became a Property manager focused on international funds and developers, cooperating with German investment fund TRIUVA or Polish Logicor. At P3, Jan manages a part of P3 portfolio consisting of 20 buildings in 6 different P3 Parks.

Why is your role so important for the business?

Industrial property managers work as kind of a gathering point of all the information from the tenants, facility companies and all the external suppliers, as well as from our colleagues from leasing, accounting, and construction departments. That is why we have the best possible knowledge about both the properties and the tenants so we can make very efficient decisions and advise our colleagues with various project.

What do you love about real estate?

My favourite thing about real estate is that you can see the actual results of your work and that you can personally contribute to developing project which make a positive impact on local communities.

How does your usual day look like?

In this line of work, we do not have many "usual days" which is why this work is so exciting. However, in this covid situation, I would love to have a “usual day”, meeting people without masks or simply enjoying a nice cup of coffee outside.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My new-born daughter Gabriela and my wife are the ones I spend most of my free time with. Apart from that, I am a huge sports fan, so when I am not playing football, tennis, or ice hockey, at least I try to catch a game on TV.