Ján came to P3 from the public sector, where he worked in a government agency responsible for attracting interesting investors to Slovakia and creating good conditions for the development of the business sector in the country. “Participating in big strategic projects taught me how important and complicated investor requirements can be and also how important it is to be ready to adapt to them in real time,” he says. His rich experience with large multinational companies and their business enabled him to quickly rise to the top in P3 Slovakia as head of leasing.

What is your role in P3?            

In short, it is to find the company clients and business ventures offering win-win potential for both sides. Because I am the client’s first point of contact in P3, I feel a great responsibility for giving our business partner a good impression of the company. I work closely with the client from our initial contact to the signing of the contract and also after that. The success of our job hinges on good relations and business partner satisfaction. We want our clients to be fully confident that their operations will go smoothly in our properties and they will be able to develop their business.

What attracted you to the real estate segment?

It gives me space to “think big” about solutions. It is a dynamic world where you get to generate returns on investments and implement large international projects. Another thing that isn’t always apparent at first is that it is a business where you need to use a lot of creativity. We spot potential in unused places and sites, where we create “hubs” to allow new businesses to flourish and create jobs. This goes hand in hand with the development of the country and increasing living standards in less developed regions.

How would you describe a typical day in P3?

As for most people who see their work as a mission, it feels like a race against time. Most of my day is spent in communication within the company or with our tenants. Real estate is a dynamic business where you need to be ready to adapt immediately to meet your clients’ needs or requirements. This generates tasks on many levels and causes the race against time that I mentioned before, where I often have the feeling that time plays against us. I must, however, point out that I enjoy the dynamism of all this and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from successfully resolving the latest challenge.     

And how about outside the P3 office?

I switch off :-). I like my downtime when I get to clear my head. Paradoxically, this is often the time when I get my best ideas for further steps in our business.