With nearly two decades of experience in the construction and development sector, Jaime Orozco is the project manager you want to work with. He has managed projects ranging from hospitals, residential buildings, logistic platforms or civil engineering infrastructure as well, so there is not much he can be surprised by. After some years of working abroad he came back to Spain and we are truly delighted to have such an expert in our construction team.

Jaime, what do you like about real estate?

Having focused only on the construction past so far, real estate gives me a much more global vision of the projects. I am delighted to see legal issues, direct contact with the final tenants, land acquisitions and other aspects that I have not been able to appreciate before.

Why is your role so important to the industry?

The real estate sector in a country like Spain involves the construction or development of new projects from scratch, subject to specific conditions of each end client. Thus, the construction department, to which I belong, allows the company to develop new projects under the strict specifications that P3 demands from its new developments, necessary to maintain our highest standards of quality and design.

“The Project Manager is fundamental in order to maintain the highest standards and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

How did you start at P3?

After a long period of working outside Spain, P3 gave me the opportunity to return to my country and join a company with incredible expectations for the future. I am developing new skills within a new sector for me, surrounded by a united and unbeatable team from which I am constantly learning and I am growing in all aspects.

What are you most proud of about your work?

I’m proud to be part of a company like P3 Logistic Parks, surrounded by great professionals. Every day you face new situations, so you must be on your toes and learn all the time.

How do you cope with constant changes in our industry?

The truth is that throughout my professional career I have had to adapt many times to changes in projects, socioeconomic situations, different countries with very different cultures and ways of working, so it is not complicated for me. I believe that a profound knowledge of personal and group objectives drives a more effective personal adaptation. Undoubtedly, any change must be tackled with personal effort and good teamwork.

I believe that a profound knowledge of personal and group objectives drives a more effective personal adaptation.”

How do you contribute to P3 reaching the next level?

The experience I have in the sector allows me to identify opportunities in the environment, in order to facilitate the growth of the company. Likewise, I think it is essential to help leverage personal strengths and those of P3 as a company, to achieve all the goals we have set.

What in your opinion makes you unique?

I think that having been involved in different projects, developed in places as different as Saudi Arabia or Peru, makes me face the achievement of the objectives by considering many options and with very different approaches. I would also like to highlight the wide range of projects in which I have grown professionally (roads, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, logistic warehouses...), as they have allowed me to develop many personal and professional skills.