Evelyn Heilbut, our Spanish Development manager, is really versatile. Not only has she a background in chemistry, a degree in Economics,  a Master in Project Management and holds an MBA with a specialization the Institute of stock market studies, but she also needs to learn new things about the market all the time to do her job at her best. She is a hardcore traveller and classical music fan and has been with P3 Spain since its inception. Evelyn started in 2016 when we had only three employees as the office manager and worked her way up to become the key figure for the local business.

Why is business development essential for real estate?

The search for opportunities for the development of long-term logistic assets is essential for P3 and that’s what I do for our company. Business development is critically important, both at the level of construction of logistic assets, as well as in terms of acquisition.

How do you manage to adapt to change in this dynamic sector?

One of the keys is to always be aware of the future. The study of the sector and the possibility of anticipating the needs that may arise, both on the national and European level, is a fundamental factor in keeping the business alive and growing.

What was your biggest challenge so far?

The change from education where I knew all the factors to a completely new field was massive. Entering the company just when it was founded in Spain in 2016 added to the difficulty, but with study and dedication, it was a challenge I was able to overcome.

“The key to real estate is to keep up with the market needs and the profound understanding of its fundamentals, in order to anticipate new cycles and opportunites.”

What do you love about working with P3?

I like the most that we are a small, multidisciplinary group that makes up an excellent team. Thanks to our company culture there is not much of a hierarchical structure, but rather a matrix where everyone helps each other. This contributes both to the quality of work and a pleasant work environment.

How do you think you can take P3 to the next level?

Our current situation will lead to a major paradigm shift. P3 is growth-oriented now, but at the same time tries to understand the needs of its customers and to anticipate them. My job is precisely to anticipate those needs and being able to offer customers tailor-made solutions.