A Political Science graduate with an authentic interest in the logistics real estate market who strongly believes that successful cooperation can only be founded on trust, transparency and poise, especially when delicate situations are to be mastered. He militates for open and honest communication and considers solutions can only be as good as the understanding that both parties have for each other. Daniel has been active in the field since 2013 and he joined P3 in January 2019. Let’s meet Daniel Cateliu, the guy that knows exactly which are the buttons to be pushed to make the world go around and P3’s Leasing and Development Manager.

Daniel, what’s your concept of business development and how are you bringing added value when conducting you daily activities?

Many ambiguous definitions were given to the concept of business development over time. Some say it’s about sales, some vaguely say it’s about partnerships and many say it’s simply about growth. For me, business development means creating a long-term value for an organization, an exquisite mix between customers, markets and relationships. This is my Northern star when prospecting the market in the endeavour of identifying new opportunities, translating them into business growth. I trained myself to recognise favourable circumstances at an early stage and proactively approach potentials tenants, acting as a liaison between the company and our clients, embracing a sincere and clean speech. When defining the guidelines, finding the win-win situation for both parties is the added-value of my work. In my experience, communication is the be-all, end-all to success. I am a people person and I am pretty sure that this is my superpower.

“I am a people person and I am pretty sure that this is my superpower.”

What do you love the most about real estate?

I love how being close to customers promotes growth. You see, logistics real estate in Romania is like a private, closed circuit, country club. We are about 20 active professionals in the market and there is a lot of competition between brokers. What I think is the secret to thrive and the love potion that, when sipped, makes you fall in love with real estate is competitiveness. You always have to be one step ahead of everyone. Having a broad overview over competition, transactions, relocation intentions, company structures, internal regulations, offer requests as well as other small piece of information help me anticipate the future intentions of our tenants and potential tenants. It is like solving a system of equations. My challenge is to translate customer demands into solutions.

What personal characteristics help you the most with your job?

Trust is not a one-way street. We place trust in our partners, but we also expect them to place their trust in us. That is why, ever since entering this market in 2013, I have been cultivating and nurturing my professional ethics. I am honest, flexible and creative. These are my values and the characteristics that help me make a difference. I have always promoted open dialogue and outside the box thinking and I have been putting a great amount of passion within all of my transactions. Much more than this, I am convinced that networking is the key to success and that, at the end of the day, we meet each other on a regular basis and honesty is the best policy. For me, it is very important how I manage expectations – my clients always know where they stand, acknowledging all positive as well as less positive aspects. Trust thrives on prompt answers, including a "no" at the right moment.

“Trust is not a one-way street. It thrives on prompt answers, including a ʻnoʼ at the right moment.”

What do you like to do outside of work and who is Daniel when clients aren’t watching?

Clients are always watching and I say this because I am close to my tenants and many of my clients are now within my circle of trust. Nevertheless, when I have some spare time, I choose to have a look at the world from above – there are 11 mountain peaks with an altitude of over 2,000 metres in Romania and I am lucky to have climbed 8 of them so far. But it’s not all fun and games, you know. In 2019 I started an MBA at the University of Sheffield and during my real estate respiro moments and my trekking days I also serve as a Consultant for the World Bank Group in Romania. Moreover, two times a week I turn into the most enthusiast soccer player – amateur, of course – and enjoy a good time with my friends, and during summer I like nothing better than to sail away with my crew, Abracadabra.