When P3 in France was looking for a collaborator to boost the activity in France at the beginning of 2019, Christophe Chauvard was the perfect man to do it. He has a construction engineering background as well as considerable experience with contracting. And he always knows how to deal with complex issues as was the necessary growth of the company. “It seemed natural to me and I was lucky enough to join a team rich in talent, looking forward to a new challenge,” says Christophe Chauvard about his beginnings. So, let's get to know the CEO of P3 France a bit more.

Can you tell us more about your personal and professional background?

I trained as a construction engineer and graduated from ESITC Paris. After several internships in France and abroad, I began my career at Bouygues Construction as a works engineer. I then joined a start-up company that became a leading general contractor: GSE. There I had the opportunity to get an MBA which was a real boost to my career. Sometime later, I joined Segro where I finally took over the position of No. 2 in the French structure in 2006, before joining the American company First Industrial Realty Trust, which was then launching its expansion in Europe. This ambition was halted by the financial crisis of 2008, which finally led me to pursue an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management in the US. When I returned to France, I worked for my own company, working with real estate companies on the development of shopping centres, and with retailers on their development and international strategy.

What is the main advantage you brought to P3 France?

The management of uncertainty and the ability to navigate through complexity are issues that I have learned through my professional experience and which allow us, with my team, to move forward collectively.

“After more than a year, we have been recognised and our French office is growing.”

How do you aim to bring the company to the next level?

I'm striving to get the teams up and running so that we can position ourselves on a very complex and resilient French market. P3 has had to identify strategic areas for development. After more than a year, we have been recognised and our French office is growing. We now need to concretize these achievements and missions in a pragmatic way. This is the most complicated challenge in my position, but when you go through the steps one by one and start to see the first successes, the excitement is there and strengthens the teams.

What do you like about real estate?

I love the 360-degree life, looking at projects globally, the ability to interact at all levels and to create value from scratch. Having the means to carry out these missions in a group as large as P3 is truly comforting.

What is your usual working day like?

My days are all different, dense but also very exciting. They are punctuated by development, investment, asset management, clients, management, travel, lobbying, communication, strategy, legal issues... all that in an international context.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like spending time with my wife and my 5-year-old daughter, taking part in cultural or sport activities and discovering different cultures.