Tell us about your beginnings in P3, and how your professional figure has grown?

Throughout my career I have always had the opportunity to start and develop new business divisions. Also in P3 my first mission was to internalize property management activities. A strategic process, which has allowed me to increase the quality and reliability of services and properties. Italy was the first Western European country within the Group to have started and completed this process. The challenge was to build and implement in a short time all the management methods, to know in depth the peculiarities of the existing properties, to build and maintain solid relationships with the clients, making sure to reconcile the needs and objectives of the internal client –our shareholders. Italy was therefore a "pilot" country, because it lent itself to experimenting with this new function both in terms of client portfolio and real estate consistency: it was a successful "forerunner", since the procedure was started and completed in just six months.

What is the added value that your professional figure has given P3?

In P3 I was able to put my integrated vision of Real Estate, the commercial network, the expertise and know-how in the implementation of methodologies and technologies that characterize the multiplicity of activities for the management of large real estate assets.  Asset & Property Management functions are aggregators of multidisciplinary real estate areas and my mission is also to promote best practices in order to provide our clients with the highest standards.  Moreover, through the internalization process, we have consolidated our relationship with clients, and we have demonstrated this through numerous contract renewals. This happens when clients want to stay in our properties for a long time and become partners. Thanks to the proximity they feel with us and the rapid response to their needs, which is synonymous with quality, reliability and fits perfectly with the company's mission: P3 is in fact an owner and developer of long-term logistics properties.

The biggest challenge in your career, and how you won it?

One of my greatest challenges was to manage as project manager an important redevelopment project of a historic building in the heart of Milan, with great symbolic value: the body of a building called "la Nave" in Corso Italia, originally designed in the 50s by Arch. Luigi Moretti.

The challenge of the project, through a precise urban planning process, was to create a new floor for offices in steel and glass on the rooftop of the existing building, HQ of leading Tenants and in full use, coordinating a team of designers, urban planners, specialized technicians and construction companies. In addition to professional satisfaction, the success of the realization has undoubtedly enhanced the Asset value. It was almost a "surgical" operation, as well as a perfect orchestration between all the actors so that the activities could remain in progress despite the work.

What you love about the Real Estate world?

The idea of forging the reality around us, transforming and shaping it in an innovative, sustainable and inclusive way, contributing to the competitiveness of our territory. For me the Real Estate world is a true passion.

How to manage the challenge of change?

The challenge of change is a mantra for me. The world is constantly changing and staying static on old mental patterns is ineffective, especially when we try to apply them to new opportunities. Over the years I have become aware of the inevitability of change and that we don't always have to choose the most comfortable solution. I have understood that we need to embrace change instead, in order to take advantage of the opportunities for growth and wealth it generates, especially on an inner level.

How will you help the group to grow, more and more...?

The last few years have accelerated innovation in the Real Estate field and what previously seemed just a niche, the premium segment, has now become the trump card. P3 is one of those few realities where within the same company there are business divisions that cover the entire life cycle of a property: from design, to construction, to future management. Working on the integration of these three phases, seeing the investment over the entire life cycle of the property, focusing on Customers’ needs will be the key to create value, improve economic performance and provide to customers a service of excellence.

What makes you UNIQUE?

The ability to listen to the heart. I am convinced that this is the seat of intuition, and that before the brain, it is the basis of our reasoning.