Adéla is a polymath. She has a broad palette of experience in such diverse areas as design, arts, HR, project management, municipal affairs, and real estate.

How did you start out at P3 and how have you grown?

I still consider myself a rookie. I grow as much as the company and my position permit. What I find fulfilling in my work is seeing the satisfaction of new tenants to who our facilities provide a space that meets their needs. I enjoy discovering new technologies and approaches that take into account sustainability and environmental protection.

Why is your position so important for P3's business?

The qualities I bring to the table at P3 include determination, hardworking attitude, perseverance, resilience, and team spirit. The way I see it is that I help P3 grow by working hard. In the capacity of coordinator, I manage business cases from the initial inquiry to entering into a lease agreement and updating information on P3's Czech portfolio. My main focus is to keep the system in good order, which is important to say the least!

What is your usual day like?

Excel, Excel, Excel, Word, PDF, Excel. After work, it's family, friends, dogs, social life, mountain trips, and traveling.