P3 Illescas

About the park

P3 Illescas is located in central Iberia in the municipality of Illesca s (Toledo), adjacent to the capitol city of Madrid.

The park is easily accessible to the A2 and A4 motorways, which are the major logistic corridors in the area.

11,000 m² Available space
0 m² Development Opportunity
148,877 m² Total space


Pol. Ind. la Veredill
45200 Toledo

Commercial contact

  • Foundation: Precast concrete piles
  • Structure: Precast concrete columns, beams and slabs 13.5 x 18 m in warehouse and offices 9 x 18 m
  • Warehouse façade: Precast concrete panels and sandwich panels PIR FM
  • Offices façade: Precast concrete panels
  • Roofing: Deck type with TPO membrane
  • Internal partition evacuation routes: Concrete block-work
  • Internal partitions offices: Gypsum drywall
  • Max height as per activity project: 10.06 m
  • One floor, with the exception of a small area used as drivers lounge: 34 x 15m
  • Car parking: 475 spaces

Park buildings details

Special offer
Available space
Development opportunities
Taken space

Table - Buildings according to space (m²)

Building Available warehouse space Available office space Development Opportunity Total space
WH1 0 0 0 117,591
WH2 0 0 0 31,286
WH3 11,000 0 0

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