P3 Wittlich

About the park

The district town of Wittlich is located some 35 km northeast of the city of Trier, around 60 km east of the Luxemburg border.  The property lies next to the A1 motorway (Cologne-Wittlich-Trier-Saarbrücken) and close to the A60 (Liège-Belgium-Wittlich intersection). Moreover, the B49 and B50 trunk roads cross at Wittlich. The property consists of a one-storey warehouse building with two stories of offices.

The hall is divided into a store for tires and a storage area (estimated at approx. 1,200 m²) for natural rubber, the latter area serving as warm storage (temperatures up to 50°C). It was built in 2005.

0 m² Available space
0 m² Development Opportunity
30,426 m² Total space


Justus von Liebig Strasse
45516 Wittlich

Commercial contact

  • Loading Docks: 26
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m²
  • Sprinklers
  • Parking spaces: 271
  • Köln 1 hour 45 mins (153 km)
  • Düsseldorf 2 hours 7 mins (174 km)
  • Frankfurt am Main 2 hours 7 mins (207 km)

Park site plan

P3 Wittlich

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Table - Buildings according to space (m²)

Building Available warehouse space Available office space Development Opportunity Total space
1 0 0 0 30,426

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