Forklifts from a P3 park are conquering the world

The used car market is booming, we all know that. But what if someone had the idea to deal in used forklifts? To recondition and sell them? One of our customers is doing just that.

The company name is VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o., a simple abbreviation of the Czech for ‘forklift trucks’. It’s the market leader in the Czech Republic and ranks eighth in Europe. And here’s why: 100 employees, over 200 machines bought, repaired and sold every month and more than 1,000 forklifts in stock.


The story started in 1999 in Červená Voda in eastern Bohemia. Milan Černohous and a friend stumbled upon a used forklift. They bought it, repaired it in a garage and sold it for a tidy profit. "There were few reconditioned forklifts available at that time and plenty of small and medium-sized companies that couldn’t or didn’t want to buy new ones. We sensed an opportunity for making a living," says Černohous. "My brother and I started to visit local companies and buy used forklift trucks from them. It worked. Step by step we managed to grow the company into what it is today."


And today... it’s a huge success. As well as a fancy showroom – one that many premium car brands would be proud of – there’s a huge processing facility at the company’s premises in Červená Voda; and they also have subsidiaries in Kostelec nad Orlicí and at our P3 Prague Horní Počernice park, where some 200 shiny machines are waiting for their new owners.


VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o. specialises in European forklift brands popular in the Czech Republic, such as Linde, Jungheintich, Still, Toyota and BT. The company only sells used machines. As sales director Stanislav Sejkora explains, "we tried to sell new ones as well, but we quickly decided to focus on one thing and do it properly. We were wasting our efforts on two completely different types of marketing as customers buying new and used forklifts have completely different requirements."


VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o. also rents out forklifts, provides servicing and sells spare parts and accessories online. In the last 16 years, this small family business has grown into a global player. “We’re one of the top 20 worldwide. The Czech Republic is a significant market of course, but we also sell across Europe and are slowly beginning to set foot in Asia, North Africa and South America too," says Sejkora.


How do they manage to find the 200 forklifts that they sell every month? According to Sejkora, it takes a bit of mastery. "Our buyers travel across the whole continent. We need quite a number of machines in order to be able to keep our stock up. We also communicate with companies outside Europe – they’re usually dealers that specialise in new machines and don’t sell used ones. Most companies renew their fleets every five years as lease periods end. And the dealers give us a heads up. Our record is 148 forklifts bought from one client in one place in one deal."


VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o. has two kinds of customers. End users buy forklifts for their own use: they’re usually small to medium-sized businesses; actually, any company with a warehouse and needs to handle goods. The other kind is merchants that sell forklifts to local markets. VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o.’s biggest deal was 34 forklifts sold in one go.


Why did VYSOKOZDVIŽNÉ VOZÍKY s.r.o. choose P3 Prague Horní Počernice park? "Eventually, Prague became the obvious choice. We didn’t want to stay hidden away in Červená Voda, so we decided to rent space and P3 Prague Horní Počernice park was perfect. We needed easy access from the D11 motorway. And, we wanted to get ourselves seen. Our partnership with P3 is great, we like its approach. We particularly like the various sports and cultural events P3 organises for its customers. We get to meet our neighbours from the park, many of which have become our clients," says Černohous.


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