Muziker is one of the leading musical instruments and equipment retailers in central Europe. Founded in the 1990s by two friends in a small basement in Bratislava, it has grown significantly opening its first shop in 2001 and launching an e-shop three years later. Today it supplies customers in 12 markets across Europe, including Germany, and is planning to expand into Britain, Ireland and elsewhere. It had a turnover of €17 million last year (2015).

It sells 20,000 guitars, 100,000 packs of strings & 200,000 picks plus much more each year and every guitar, combo, cymbal and bow passes through its warehouse at our P3 Bratislava park near Lozorno. It’s even sold an acoustic grand piano for a massive €34,000 – the most expensive item to date for the company.



"Our business hinges on storage. Good logistics and warehouse space are crucial for us — you can do sales and marketing in a small office, but pianos and guitars take up a lot of space and it’s not easy to store or transport them.

“We’d been growing steadily, increasing our storage space by about a third every three years, and we’d known for a while that we needed to move to a professional logistic environment. So, in 2010, we chose P3 Bratislava park. It’s very convenient, close to the Czech, Austrian and Hungarian borders, plus easily accessible for all truck types.

“At the beginning, we only occupied a small unit, but we’ve expanded several times and each time P3 has satisfied all our requirements: the warehouse is the right size and the equipment is perfect. All in all, it’s a professional place that suits us well. We’re not interested in looking for any other place - we want to stay here."
-Džemail Suvodolac, Muziker’s Sales Director


There’s a saying that every Czech person has a little bit of musician in them. It seems that this also applies to Slovaks, Hungarians, Austrians, Germans, Spaniards, the Portuguese and others across Europe, and this demand for musical instruments has fuelled Muziker’s growth. In the beginning, it stored goods in a small, dark storeroom in the centre of Bratislava. Several companies shared the space and Muziker quickly outgrew it. "We couldn’t expand and it made running the business tough. We often struggled with trucks being too big to get through the main gate," Suvodolac laughs.

The times after the economic crisis had started were tough, Muziker’s annual turnover halved and people were laid off. Undeterred, that was exactly when it was decided to grow further. The company already had one shop in Prague, but to exploit the potential European market it needed a long-term storage solution, which is where P3 comes into the story.


P3 Bratislava is approximately 15 minutes drive north-west of Bratislava, adjacent to the Lozorno exit D2 (Prague – Bratislava – Budapest) with great visibility from the highway. The park can be reached from Bratislava by city bus.


The 214,191 m2 park currently comprises five buildings with the potential for three more.


Construction of this park commenced in March 2006.


The largest occupiers of the park are Schnellecke, Whirlpool, MD Logistika, Donaldson, HBPO and SEBN.


Almost 3,000 m2 building comprising 2875 m2 warehousing space & 42 m2 of offices.


Muziker moved to the park in 2010, initially occupying 700 m2. It expanded several times before moving into its current building of nearly 3,000 m2.


100 people work for Muziker at P3 Bratislava.



The breaking point was in the summer of 2010. Muziker was trying to figure out its storage problems. It required a good location but didn’t need a big warehouse; just a few hundred m2.

Then Muziker found our P3 Bratislava park near Lozorno. Although the company was not a big player, we were able to fulfil all its wishes and leased them our smallest unit — just 700 m2. Muziker has been growing ever since — and has expanded the amount of space it occupies several times. It’s now in a 3,000 m2 warehouse.

"Cooperating with P3 has always been great, they’re our partner and have handled our growth spurts without problems and always found a solution," says Suvodolac.

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