It began with a huge freezing plant in Dašice, near Pardubice in Eastern Bohemia, built to store the national raw materials emergency reserves.

After the Velvet Revolution (1989), the facility was operated for 10 years by Mrazírny Dašice, until it found itself facing economic diculties - like many companies at this time. A group of investors (two of whom is still active in the company) stepped in to save the business, branching out into transport.

Renamed MD logistika, it started buying trucks and expanding the warehousing space. Today, it stores and delivers goods across the Czech Republic for companies like Kauand, Penny, Billa, Makro and Globus. It also provides international logistics services.



“The location of P3 Prague Horní Počernice park suited us as we deliver to distribution centres on this side of the capital.

“The design of the building is perfect. At the time we moved in, it was one of the few 12-metre high warehouses in the Czech Republic. And, we need lots of docks because we handle fast moving consumer goods.

“But perhaps the key thing for us is hands on management. If the electricity goes out or something breaks down and no one responds for two hours, it’s a huge problem. Working with P3 we’ve been able to agree on processes, procedures and an emergency plan to ensure such issues do not occur.”

- Filip Žiačik, Chief Operating Officer at MD logistika


A decisive moment for the company came in 2008 when MD logistika won Spar as a client. It needed a large warehouse, with capacity for different temperature zones, near Prague. So P3 Prague Horní Počernice became the company’s second logistics centre.

At 38,000 m2 – with temperature zones ranging from 2ºC to 24ºC - the storage facility accommodates up to 60,000 pallets of dry and 8,000 of cooled goods as well as 1,500 pallets of fruits and vegetables. Every day, about 2,000 pallets are received and dispatched, with 100 trucks coming in and another 100 leaving.

Staff do the picking, selecting goods from different pallets, processing up to 150,000 cartons each day!




P3 Prague Horní Počernice is located in Prague East, 15 minutes from Prague city centre, at exit 3 of the D10 motorway (Prague – Mladá Boleslav – Germany). The Černý Most shopping centre is just 1.5 km away. The park is easily accessible by public transport with Černý Most metro station 1.5 km away, a train station less than 1 km away and a regular bus route operating within the park.


The park will comprise a total 403,873 m2 in 37 warehouse buildings, including up to 38,455 m2 of Build-to-Suit space.


Construction of the park began in 2006.


The largest customers at the park are Alimpex Food, Alza, Coca-Cola, Datart, IKEA, Košík, Storge, MD logistika, Pet Center, PNS, RTR, Skanska and Wavin.


38,000 m2 incorporating a number of different temperature zones.


MD logistika a.s. took occupation of the building in 2008.


More than 100 people work in the building



MD logistika came to P3 Horní Počernice in 2008, having won a tender to provide logistics for Spar. One of the contract requirements was a storage facility in the Horní Počernice area. MD logistika also needed a number of temperature controlled zones.Now, it uses the warehouse for a number of big brand names including Ahold – which bought the Spar shops.

“We were delighted when P3 bought the park in Horní Počernice. We’d been encountering communication problems; with unresolved issues and no clear rules. We immediately liked P3’s approach, customer-orientated and very professional,” says MD logistika’s CEO Robert Kuchar.

Radovan Gregor, director of the Horní Počernice warehouse, adds: "Our relationship with P3 is excellent; we’re meet each other halfway in both operational and strategic matters. We appreciate the care with which P3 chooses facilities management service partners, focusing on how thorough these companies are and how fast they solve problems. We realise it’s a huge site and that we’re not alone here, but even so, everything works really well."

Perhaps, the best proof that MD logistika is happy in its P3 Horní Počernice warehouse is the fact that just last year it signed a new lease.


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