Yusen Logistics is a Japanese company which provides door-to-door air, ocean and truck forwarding services, customs clearance and warehousing to a wide range of clients worldwide. Formed in 2010 by the merger of Yusen Air & Sea Service Group and NYX Logistics Group, it operates from 501 locations, across 300 cities, in 42 countries.

Yusen Logistics’ new Czech HQ and logistics hub at P3 Prague D1 park is the nucleus of the company’s pan-European automotive parts distribution network, with parts arriving from major Western European car producers for storage, prior to being shipped to suppliers in CEE for processing.

They then return to Yusen Logistics’ P3 Prague D1 warehouse for storage and shipment, then back to the car producers in Western Europe. Unusually, the other section of the warehouse is also used for retail logistics. 

Throughout the development, P3 worked hard to respond to both Yusen’s practical requirements, as well as its Japanese cultural mores. Sake and rice brought from Japan replaced our usual Champagne to christen the first column. Our building handover event, which was attended by Yusen Logistics’ Global President, was organised according to protocols set out for us by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. In addition, three Sakura trees – the iconic Japanese cherry blossom - were planted on-site as part of the handover.




“We chose P3 Prague D1 for our new premises, because of its prime position as a key hub connecting the Czech Republic with our global logistics network. P3 was also able to meet all our technical requirements for the site in a very short time frame.“

Managing Director of Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o.
Michal Peter

“The P3 team is very flexible, which we were able to witness first hand. The solution provided by the P3 warehouse allowed us to consolidate all operations in a single facility and to implement new control systems. As a result, the error rate has dropped down to zero.”

Yusen Logistics’ Head of Sales
Hynek Staněk




Yusen Logistics wanted to upgrade its network of small external distribution facilities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia to a more efficient central hub connecting the central European region to its global logistics network. With valid building permits already in place, P3 was able to develop a new building at P3 Prague D1 park within six months, meeting all of Yusen Logistics’ specification and timetable requirements.

Keeping to the timetable was not easy, as an unusually harsh winter with deep snow and temperatures well below freezing made it almost impossible to undertake some works at certain times. It was a testament to P3's ingenuity, careful management and rescheduling that we were able to provide Yusen Logistics with early access in April 2013, 64 days ahead of schedule. The entire project was handed over in June 2013 – 42 days ahead of schedule – a fact we celebrated with a winter-themed handover event, complete with snowmen!


  • P3 Prague D1 park is located near Strančice, approximately 15km from Prague, with easy access to Brno and Bratislava

  • 176,200 m2

  • Construction commenced in late 2005

  • Key customers at P3 Prague D1 include DB Schenker, HOPI, Auto Kelly, Mountfield and PST CLC

  • A bespoke Build-to-Suit facility of 20,000 m2comprising:

    • 19,000 m2 of warehousing
    • 1,000 m2 of offices
    • Subsequently extended by a further 5,000 m2 (4,750 m2 warehousing, plus offices
  • Construction started on site: January, 2013

    Early access given to Yusen Logistics:
    April 2013 – 64 days ahead of schedule

    Building handed over to Yusen Logistics:
    June 2013 – 42 days ahead of schedule

    Extension handed over: October, 2014

  • Over 150 people work in the building



Yusen Logistics now leases almost 25,000 m2 at P3 Prague D1 Park. P3 designed the initial 20,000 m2 facility to suit its specifications, including 30 loading bays and four drive-in access ways. We subsequently provided a 5,000 m2 extension.

Yusen Logistics worked with us to pioneer green solutions in the building. Specialised thermal insulation minimises heat loss from loading bays in the temperature-controlled parts of the warehouse. Extra skylights increase natural light. Intelligent lighting responds to movement, light conditions and working hours, and is also able to provide different levels of lighting in different areas. In total, the lighting and insulation solutions deliver energy savings of up to 45%.

Another exciting addition is that Yusen personnel are able to track and control their utilities' consumption - in real time - from handheld tablets.

As it was to be Yusen Logistics’ Czech HQ, significant emphasis was placed on the office fit-out. Here, too, we worked closely with the company down to the most minute details, including pictures in the washrooms and brand colours painted on corridor walls.

The warehouse is used for FMCG, grocery retail and automotive parts warehousing for distribution throughout Europe. Yusen Logistics has installed a highly sophisticated RFID management system, which uses electronic chips to guide forklifts to the location of products, effectively reducing the error-rate to zero.